2019 so far! New patterns!

What do snowmen eat for lunch?…….. Icebergers 😀 😀 😀

Well, we are off to the races for 2019! We hope your year is starting off as intended. We have been busy to start this year off! I made a goal of getting 1 to 2 patterns out each month of this year so I have been busting my butt to make sure it happens. We have 2 new release that we are excited to share today…..

In the middle of January I had an idea I thought would be cool. Doing a smaller postcard sized pattern that you can add to your decor each month. There will be 12 (of course) and each one will represent a given month. So it will have the name of the month and some things that remind you (us at least) of that month. We wanted them to be fairly easy to stitch so that’s why we made it smaller and not have a whole lot going on. Just something cute and fun!

The first pattern we released for January is “Winter Chill”. This pattern is especially true this year because we have had quite a bit of snow and it’s been really chilly. We love the cute little bird bundled up on the branch. His scarf is so adorable!

Winter’s Chill

You can purchase Winter Chill on our Etsy store here

You know for February we had to do a hearts and love theme for Valentine’s Day. This pattern is titled “You’ve got Mail” and is so cute. Look at the little garden of hearts! Another bird has made an appearance and is watching over the garden!

You’ve got Mail

You can purchase You’ve got mail from our Etsy store here

We have lots in store for 2019 and beyond and are very excited! So much good stuff this year! Even though I slack a little on the blog it is always a priority for me but if something has to get pushed back, it’s always the blog. Not this year! I will make sure to be more regular and update more.

I want to point out that with each month/ season we have been changing the logo. I love this idea so much! The name Autumn lane represents kind of a country lane with lots of trees and cozy homes and that changes with the seasons. So we kind of wanted to represent that. We can do fun stuff with our logo and I think it adds a nice touch. Let us know what you if you noticed the logo being different.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking us out! We hope this post finds you doing well! Talk to you soon,

The Houstons

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