Autumn is in full swing…..

Autumn is in full swing and Halloween has come and gone.  Since we didn’t take a vacation this year (Aaron was working almost 80 hour weeks during the Summer) we tried to do our best at spoiling our boys and baby by doing some fun activities.  First up on the list was the “Pumpkin Train.” It was about a 40 minute ride on the Heber Creeper.  It is a very old and nostalgic train that is nestled in-between mountains on all sides in Heber Valley.  Its about 20 minutes from Park City (the famous ski town).  We had so much fun.  We sat in the old cars while Halloween music played.  “Zombies” went around and delivered delicious pumpkin cookies.  Afterward we visited the haunted train car and picked some pumpkins.  During the Christmas season they have a Christmas train.  It is centered around the theme of Polar Express.  Santa even delivers you a present.  And for a whopping $70 a person, we will be skipping that.  LOL.  Santa better be delivering a puppy or a flat screen tv for us to pay $280 for an hour train ride!  LOL!


Our next fun Halloween activity was Gardner Village.  Gardner Village was an old pioneer town and mill.  Now they have a restaurant in the old mill and a quaint “village” made from the old houses.  The village now is filled with little shops.  It has everything! They have a bead shop, quilt shop, fabric store, candy store, and that is just a few!  Around Halloween they have the famous “Witches Night Out.”  They decorate everything and have little scavenger hunts for the kids.  They have professional witches walking around and witch hats on a string line the sky above you.  They also have an animal rescue next to it.  We just had to take the kiddos in to see the animals.  They boys were laughing hysterically at the goat that kept doing tricks (it kept trying to climb the fence).  Hannah was shy of all the animals except the chichins (chickens) and ducks.  She loved chasing them and trying to feed them.


This photo shows our boys’ favorite witch.  They have these awesome witches doing things throughout Gardner Village.  Naturally my boys would love the one going number 2.  Boys!  Sigh….. 



The last place that we went to was Thanksgiving Point.  It is THE place to take the kids.  They have everything!!!  But most importantly, they have the bucket o’ cookies.  LOL.  That is literally the only thing I cared about.  The delicious bucket o’ cookies needs to be available to me 24/7.  I’m pretty picky with my chocolate chip cookies.  I HATE when they are overdone.  I also am not a fan of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Really, who wants bitter chocolate?!!!!  Not I!  So this bucket o’ cookies was just the highlight of my entire life.  LOL.  It almost got ruined when Aaron and the kids tried to steal my bucket o’ cookies.  I mean, come on!  Get your own bucket!  So back to less important things than my bucket o’ cookies (cause you just can’t top that!).  They have so many fun things to do.   There are little games, a slide, a huge blob that the kids jump on, a giant blow up monster that you get to crawl thru, a giant pumpkin drop, a hay ride, a giant corn room, animals, a little chicken show (reminiscent of Chuck E Cheese), and I’m not sure I mentioned, the bucket o’ cookies.  LOL.  Here are just a few of the pictures that we took.


Yes this is my Bucket O’ Cookies!!!!!!!!!


And for the end of my novel, we will focus on Halloween.  Halloween was fantastic!  I will let you in on a little secret.  In the 9 years that I’ve known Aaron, I’ve never been able to get him to dress up…..UNTIL THIS YEAR!!!!!!  The trick is to have a “family theme” and then spend the money on his outfit and tell him it isn’t returnable.  LOL.  Because I absolutely LOVE Ghostbusters, both the old and new movies, we were going in a Ghostbusters theme.  Aaron had the old outfit, I was the girl from the new movie (Holtzmann), Jackson was a ghost clown, Hunter was the stay puft marshmallow man, and Hannah was a ghostbuster.


All in all we had a fantastic Halloween season and we hope you did too.  We can’t wait for the Christmas season!


Happy Fall from the Houstons!  We will see you when we are ready to “rock” the Thanksgiving festivities!

(Get it?  Its a rocking chair!  Hahahahaha)!

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