Fall Pattern first look!

When do you go at red and stop at green? When you are eating a watermelon! 😀

Who doesn’t love a good summer joke, amiright?! lol. Summer is in full swing now and the days are longer and the weather is getting hotter. Summer is amazing! It’s so nice to just sit outside on a summer evening and listen to all the life happening everywhere. Birds chirping, people mowing lawns, all the kids playing outside. What a great time of year.

The evenings are nice but I am a morning person and nothing is better than being outside around 6 in the morning before the rest of the world is awake. It always smells like wet grass and we have mountains really close so you get a little of that mountain smell, it is simply amazing. This is our first summer with our Husky and she is raining on my parade though. If I get dressed to go jog or do anything, she thinks I am taking her for a walk and I feel bad, so I end up walking her. If I don’t, she will whine and howl and wake everyone in the house. It’s actually a really smart plan, I have to give it to her. She is a Husky and of course and all she wants to do is pull me all around the neighborhood. It’s a constant battle between us who is in control, most of the time I think it’s her. lol.  I should invest in some skates or something so I can at least get some fun out of it. Here she is chasing Hannah around on the trampoline trying to steal her popsicle!

Husky’s are adorable dogs. She is especially cute. It has been a really busy summer so far in the Houston house. We are always busy with Lularoe and I am constantly working on patterns but right now we are also trying to fix our motorhome to go to Flathead Lake in Montana next weekend. Cassandra and her family have been a few times but this will be mine and the kid’s first time going. I am pretty excited about it. The lake is supposed to be super clear and pretty. This is our first trip of the summer and I am ready for it. Working at React, it was always something that would keep me from taking a vacation. So, we haven’t been on a proper vacation in a couple years.

This is just one of the reasons I am having a blast being able to work from home. I have gone back to React and I get the feeling most people expected me to hate it. They are surprised when I tell them we are having so much fun and I am loving it. Being able to be a part of my kids lives more is so amazing and a rare opportunity. I feel like I would be a fool to not soak it all in. Time flies and before you know it, they will be all grown and living their own lives. I feel like that will be amazing too (excited about it!) but in time.

Well, I have started working on some really cool things pattern wise these last couple of weeks. One of which is Halloween and fall patterns!!!! I am so excited and at the same time can’t believe it. The time goes by so fast! As soon as I can start teasing what’s coming up I will post some sketches and stuff to tease what we have coming out. Oh! I do have something that I can share. This fall we have a really cool pattern that I have had in the works for a while but it sat on the sidelines. We are having it model stitched (our first one ever!!!!) and we got a progress shot that makes me so excited to see it done!

Look at that adorable little owl family!! Agh! The whole image is gonna be so cool! I can’t wait for you to see it. This is gonna be such a great piece to celebrate the fall season. The colors are really fun and there are trees in the piece that aren’t there yet of course, but they have such nice fall colors in them. We are hoping to release this pattern in late August or September so you can have it ready to display for fall. We will defintely talk more about this one more soon, but needless to say, I am excited.

The 4th of July is happening next week and we are also heading out to the lake next Friday or Saturday. We will be sure to take lots of pics to show off if it’s as amazing as I think it is. Have you been to Flathead Lake? Can you vouch for its amazingness?

We hope you have an amazing week coming up and an amazing 4th of july!!! Thanks so much for being here! Until next time…


The Houstons

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