Happy Fall + New Pattern!!!!

What did the tree say to Autumn?….. Leaf me alone. 😀 😀 😀

Love on a Limb pattern release!

First things first! We released a new pattern to kick autumn off in amazing fashion. It’s called Love on a Limb! I previewed it a few posts ago. We are so pleased with how it came out!! This marks the first time we have had a pattern model stitched by someone other than Cassandra. Angie Lindgren did this one up for us and she did a great job. Thanks, Angie! Then Cassandra got ahold of it and framed it up with a cool frame we got from Hobby Lobby and did her artistic thang! Here is the photo she took of it, doesn’t it look so good?!

cross stitch pattern

This pattern was one of the first ones that we designed and it sat around for a while for whatever reason. This year we had enough and made sure it got released. I gotta say, I love it. I hope you guys do too. I really wanted something that screamed fall and I think we accomplished that here. The awesome changing leaves (I love how there are still touches of green in there), the leaves that are falling, and the fabric we chose just brings it all home.

Here is the cover to the pattern. You can click on the image to head over to our Etsy store to purchase the pattern.

Purchase this pattern now!


Fall is here and you know what that means. Beautiful colors, amazing weather, and delicious treats!!! Kids in school!!!!! We love our kids of course, but by the time summer is coming to a close, we are like yeah, let’s get this school thing happenin’! We love Fall, I think that is pretty apparent by the name up top lol. From now until the end of the year we are giddy little kids. We are lucky that Cassandra and I both love this time of year so much. We have created some traditions that we really look forward to and it helps with creating a special time for us and the kids. One of those things is buying candles. We have tried and tried (and will probably continue to try) to have candles throughout the year but we just can’t do it. Either they give us a headache for being too strong, or the smells aren’t good. We always find something to not like, which bums us out because we love candles! But as soon as Fall starts sniffing around we head straight to Bath and Body Works to buy all the amazingness. Something about the cooler weather and having candles makes it a little cozier.  It just helps with the ambiance around the house. Here is our haul this year, it’s ridiculous (as I write this we are burning Leaves, our favorite)

We love so much about Fall, and we are definitely glad it’s here! What’s your favorite time of year?

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. You gotta catch your own dinner! This was at our nephew’s birthday party. We have a little mini lake close by us that you can canoe and fish at. All the kids had to share this one ghetto fishing pole and they took turns catching tiny Bluegills. They had a bast. I love this pic because of the background. Look at the sun hitting that mountain.

Hannah is already counting down the days until Halloween! She is so cute you can’t say no, but I seriously doubt this costume makes it to Halloween lol. We should have bought a backup.

That last picture is so cool. We went to another birthday party a few weeks ago and they had they whole pathway of this outside mall covered in umbrellas. It was cool during the day and even cooler at night because they have lights in them. It was really awesome. Overall our Fall is starting out amazing and we hope yours is too!

First Halloween pattern SNEAK PEEK!

We are also super excited because we have something else brewing up that will release this Friday, Sept. 28th! Here is a little sneakity-sneak peek!

Teaser image for pattern

What could it be?

As always, we hope this post finds you doing well and receiving all the blessings you need/deserve in your life!


The Houstons

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