Spring sike!

How excited was the gardener about spring?………. So excited he wet his plants. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Well, Spring pulled a big ol’ sike on us! For a few days at least. The last couple days winter decided it hadn’t quite had enough yet. It was super windy last weekend (like most of the west coast from what I have seen) and then Tuesday we woke up to about 6″ of snow. I usually like the snow, but you can’t get me all excited for spring and the warm weather and then pull the rug out from underneath me. That’s just not fair. I mean, look at these shenanigans!!! Get your act together mother nature! The extra water is nice so I guess we can agree to disagree on this one. That, and the snow really only lasted for the half the day.  It could be worse.

So along with the drawing I showed off last week, I also did another sketch of some clothing inspired by Lularoe. This one I actually did first. I showed the other one before because I liked the video. I like doing these drawings because it’s great practice with how clothing actually folds and flows. All that goodness. This one is a little more polished. I spent a couple hours doing this one, which was more time than I anticipated. It also looks a little too much like Cassandra. The hair isn’t quite long enough because I wasn’t intending it to be her but whatevs. I like the result nonetheless.

This week the real MVP is Cassandra. We made some time this week for her to be able to stitch for a few hours. She is working on a beautiful spring/ Victorian inspired lady that we designed and I am excited about this one. It’s really cool! We will show some progress on it soon when it is to a point where you can tell what’s going on. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to stitch as much as either of us would like so it’s progressing a little slow. That is one of the great things about me working from home is that she will be able to stitch more. Stitching really makes her happy so I am glad she will be able to do it more.

Speaking of going home, next Friday should be my last day at React. We have a week for bug fixes and polish and after that, it is finished. Well, pending the client approves it. I hope I can come back next week and say that I am at home full time. It feels like it’s dragging on forever. Isn’t that always the case, you want something so bad but it just feels like time slows to a crawl. Which honestly isn’t a bad thing because life seems to fly by.

Other than that, this week was lots of Lularoe and designing patterns. I am gonna be heading to Michaels to do some floss tosses for 2 different patterns (You know I’m always good for a photo at the craft store haha). The cactus design I have been working on and a mermaid design that will be arriving for Mer-May. Both are already designed and right now I am finding the right floss and making the booklet/PDF for them. I am really excited about all the things happening right now. Lots of work but so much fun is being had.

We hope this post finds you having fun and living your best life, and we hope you have an amazing weekend!


The Houstons

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