Summer fun! (is it over already!)

Where did the sheep go on vacation? The Baa-hamas 😀 😀 😀

Wow! Time sure has flown by this summer! It’s been a super busy, super fun summer this year. This has been my first summer home with the family and I feel like we have made the most of it. I didn’t get a few pattern releases out that I wanted to but we made good memories with the kids and that is most important in life, I feel. It’s such a difficult balance because you have to work to live and try to give your kids a good life, but at the same time you can’t always be working and not enjoy their childhoods and have quality time with them. Thankfully, me quitting and doing Lularoe with Cassandra full time has allowed us to do a little of both and we have really enjoyed this summer! I hope all of you have enjoyed yours as well.

In July we took a family vacation to Flathead lake that was amazing! We went for a little more than a week and it was the first real vacation we have had in years! We got to give our motorhome it’s first real test with a long drive. It was about 11 hours or so to get there. The water was a little colder than I was expecting in July but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying it! We did some amazing boating and canoeing and traveled to nearby towns to see what treasures they had. There was a little town close by called Big Fork that we went to, and we found Huckleberry Jelly that is pretty amazing! You can order it online so we will definitely have to restock on that. ( I can’t remember the name of the shop but I have the card on the fridge if anyone is interested) The main street in the town is like stepping back in time. It was really cool, all the shops have this small town feel from ages ago! Definitely a great vacation. Here are a few pics from our adventure!

We have done quite a bit this summer and I am happy that this is the first summer in a while where it doesn’t feel like we didn’t make the most of it. Usually, I have this big regret that we wasted it working the whole time. While at React, I worked quite a bit of hours and always felt like there was a deadline so we rarely went on vacations and didn’t get to do many fun things. Which always makes me sad. So while I didn’t get to post many blogs or get the patterns I want out, I feel good. Here are a couple more pics of some of the fun stuff we did!

Yesterday we had our last hurrah and went to Lagoon (a theme park close to us) and got to ride roller coasters and go on water rides. Cassandra pointed out that it was the first time the kids had been on a roller coaster and they loved it so much! Now it’s back to school time this coming week. Today is back to school night and the boys get to go meet their teacher for the year. I just can’t believe how fast summer goes by. We have been telling Hannah all summer she gets to go to preschool after the summer and it’s right around the corner. Cassandra will be a mess. It’s only a few days a week for a couple hours so it won’t be too bad. Hannah is beyond excited about it, she is a social butterfly for sure.

As far as patterns go, I am so excited! Our first model stitcher (Angie! You are the bestest) finished the owl family tree that I showed off in the last post! It came out so good! I will be talking about that more soon of course but I’m so excited about it! We also have continuations in the witch silhouette series that are fantastic additions I feel! One that is specifically made for Cassandra. I will write up a whole process post on that one. Overall, lots of things happening and I am so excited for it.

Until next time, we hope this post finds you doing well! Thanks for reading!


The Houstons

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