Three’s Company! The adorable cactus family!

What did the cactus wear to the job interview? A cactie 😀

Hello friends! We hope everyone is doing well. We are doing amazing here in the Houston house. Today is the release of a cute little pattern call Three’s company. It’s an adorable little cactus family just enjoying the sun. Aren’t they just so cute?!

You can purchase this adorable pattern on our Etsy page here

Here is the cover for the pattern. I love coming up with designs for the background. It’s fun trying to match the design and keep it simple so it doesn’t distract from the focus of the whole thing, which is the pattern.

The design is 81 Stitches x 57 stitches. Stitched area is 5.8″ x 4.1″ when stitched on 28 count over 2 threads. Suggested Fabric is 28 ct. cashel Linen “Serene” by Picture This Plus.

Here is the floss toss for the pattern. So summery and fun! Love the greens against the warmer colors

This pattern sprung out of the idea of doing an easier pattern that can be done fairly quickly. While coming up with the ideas, I was trying to keep the pattern small and that is the hardest part for me because I always add more and more and more. I can never just let it be because I always think of something else that would look cool. I don’t remember where I saw it but I came across a postcard and thought, that would be amazing!! Little postcard sized patterns!! Who doesn’t love postcards?! On top of it, it forces me to stay to a certain size and come up with a fun design. I am already having a bunch of ideas about what we can do with it going forward. It will evolve as it goes but for now, it’s just postcard size patterns that are super fun and cute.

We hope you enjoy this design. We had a lot of fun making it think it’s such a nice summer project.

We hope this post finds you doing well in your endeavors whatever they may be. Thanks for joining us on this journey. Until next time.


The Houstons

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